Paras Gupta, Director and Head Of The Technical Team, SNDP Webtech

Paras Gupta, Director Education & Research

Paras, as the director of SNDP Webtech, is the backbone of the SNDP Webtech on whom the entire Technical Support System, future and progress of SNDP¬† Webtech. Paras has an impressive background in Electronics, Robotics, Embedded programming, research, private business, and government sectors. As an Director and Head Of The Technical Team, SNDP Webtech, his responsibilities include overseeing and helping formulate the policies, objectives and programs concerning education, research and Quality. Paras holds a Masters degree in Electronics from Kanpur University. His research on Robo Vision System was accepted by NASA for their Education Explorer Program. We are happy that Mr. Paras’s 16 years of technical and development experience so far has been forwarding the company under his guidance.

Dilip K. Lalwani, Director and Head Of The Management Team, SNDP Webtech

Dilip K. Lalwani has 20 years of his own experience in the business sector, due to which the services offered to the consumers and their reasonable fee determination are tested, this is his specialty besides his 11 years of WordPress and PHP experience. Dilip K. Lalwani has been an expert on successful schemes since before and his is also a 10 year old company by the name of Website 999. The company is moving forward due to the untiring efforts of Dilip K. Lalwani to charge the services provided to the consumers in the company and their better arrangement. We hope that the company will always be forwarded by these efforts.

SOURABH SRIVASTAV, Director and Co-founder of SNDP Webtech

Sourabh Srivastav is a important key person for this Company. He has 10 years experience in the field of Business Management and also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with decent knowledge of Management skill. Today, if our company is emerging & developing day by day then all credibility goes to him. His Energetic Personality, Passion for Work, outstanding communication skill are really very valuable assets for our company.


Raksha Agrawal, Senior Sales Executive And Team Head, SNDP Webtech

Raksha Agrawal is the Senior Sales Executive of the company. Her participation in the company is commendable. She Takes any type of customer’s technical problem seriously. Apart from the sales work, her involvement is mainly in the company in forwarding the company by working more than time. The company appreciates her work and no company can go ahead without the love, support and trust of its partners and its customers. Raksha Agrawal has 10 years of communication skills.